Virilyn – Is it the Best Male Enhancement or Not? (2020 Updated)

Virilyn Reviews:

Virilyn male enhancement

Virilyn is a natural stimulant that would help fight erectile dysfunction. It results in the inability to get or maintain an erection strong enough to have sex. Erectile dysfunction affects many men and the factors are varied. They can occur with age or because of an improper lifestyle. Some men also suffer from a lack of self-confidence and cannot get an erection when the time comes. It may therefore be important to consult a healthcare professional to find out what the causes of these problems are.

There are many products that are natural stimulants that aim to provide the user with energy, such as Virilyn. These best strength pills have a natural composition that feels healthy.

In this Virilyn review, we detail the composition and the results announced by the manufacturer during a treatment, as well as its dosage, price and contraindications. We will also be collecting feedback from Virilyn users to form our own opinion on this product.

Virilyn Review:

Virilyn is a dietary supplement with a natural composition, intended for all men who have erection problems during intercourse and for those who want to improve their performance in bed. It therefore aims to promote men’s erections and stimulate libido.

This sexual enhancer has been on the market for over 10 years and from what we can see, it has sold over 12 million Virilyn pills worldwide. Why such a success ?

Its formula is based on a combination of several natural ingredients but also synthetic elements. In the form of a food supplement, which you will combine with a healthy and varied diet, it would improve erectile function and stimulate the level of libido.

Unlike other products on the market, Virilyn is taken as a cure. The goal is to work over several months.

It would act on the following different points:

  • Libido, it should boost libido
  • Sexual stamina should be increased to last longer in bed
  • Self-confidence, linked to the proper functioning of the penis
  • Sex size

But does it really work? What is its action on the body?

How does Virilyn work on your body?

To understand the effects of Virilyn, you first need to understand how an erection works.

When stimuli (physical or visual) are sensed by the brain, they should trigger a nervous reaction that will send blood to the penile tissues. The influx of blood will then fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood and this is how an erection can occur. And the stronger the blood pressure, the stronger the erection (source).

However, many factors interfere with this process, such as fatigue, stress, a poor lifestyle or age, and this can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Virilyn aims to increase the blood supply by ensuring optimal blood circulation in your body, which should cause:

  1. Dilation of the blood vessels in the penis, which can accommodate more blood
  2. More pressure, for better erections
  3. Stretching of the penile tissue

Virilyn could therefore affect the quality of sexual intercourse, by promoting the quality of orgasms. This helps to regain self-esteem and improve sex and life as a couple.

Let’s see, in the rest of this Virilyn review, what are the ingredients that help achieve these actions.


Ingredients of Virilyn Male Enhancement:

Virilyn consists of 7 natural and synthetic ingredients, the combination of which would provide the advertised results:

  • Pomegranate, for its ellagic acid

It is a polyphenolic antioxidant, very common in pomegranate, which is known to improve blood flow. Its high content in Virilyn (40%) would improve erectile function.

  • L-Arginine

Found in many products for male sexuality, L-Arginine is a natural performance booster capable of producing nitric oxide. Its purpose in this composition is to improve blood circulation and thus allow better erections.

A study analyzed the benefits of this booster on sexual function in men. However, this study was performed in combination with Pycnogenol. This study claims that the combination of these two components would improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction without any side effects.

  • Cordyceps

This fungus is known to be a natural aphrodisiac, which the Chinese prescribe in traditional medicine for patients who have difficulty achieving quality erections. Some substances it contains are thought to act directly on the area of ​​the brain responsible for desire, which increases libido.

  • Zinc

It is a mineral essential for the production of testosterone, which, remember, is the virility hormone that impacts men’s ability to have an erection. The Zinc contained in Virilyn should help stimulate testosterone production and thus improve sexual performance.

As we detail in our Testo Ultra review, testosterone is an important building block for erections.

  • Vitamin B3/Niacin

Also called Niacin, Vitamin B3 is used to dilate the blood vessels, which will therefore be able to receive more blood flow. The result ? Erections that work better.

A study looked at the effect of this vitamin in improving erectile function. According to the results, this component would have a positive influence on the quality of erections.

  • Methyl sulfonyl methane

It is an organic form of sulfur, which helps keep your cells healthy. This would allow the penile tissue to be able to grow.

  • L-Methionine

This essential amino acid would be useful for delaying ejaculation, since it would slow down the agents responsible for too intense pleasure.

As you could see from this analysis of the composition of Virilyn, the ingredients have virtues to improve erectile function and stimulate libido.

Results announced with a cure of Virilyn

The results obtained with Virilyn will show over time, as it is a gradual dietary supplement that will gradually change your erectile capacity.

According to Virilyn, it would take an average of 3 weeks for the first noticeable changes to appear, with better erections and the ability to achieve an erection at the right time. Then, it is the length of the treatment that determines the results.

With a dose extending between 1 and 3 months, sexual intercourse should be better. After these 3 months, it is possible to continue the Virilyn treatment depending on the results obtained and the objectives you are pursuing.

Virilyn therefore acts gently, without rushing the body.

male enhancement

Virilyn Dosage to Follow:

Virilyn, like all dietary supplements, should be taken at the indicated dosage. This will involve swallowing three capsules a day with breakfast or with another meal to help your erections.

As long as you take it, the results should be visible. When stopping the treatment, the majority of users maintain the performance obtained.

However, it is possible that gradually the performance will fade. You will be able to resume a cure if you notice such a drop in performance. Note that it is preferable to take a break after 6 months of treatment.

Virilyn Customer Reviews and User Testimonials:

Virilyn is a known sexual enhancer in the market. We have identified a few consumer reviews, among the dozen available online.

An anonymous user gives his opinion on the product and explains that he felt the effects after two to three weeks of treatment with better erections and a better functioning libido.

Another testimony explains to us having had results after a month of treatment. In his opinion, Virilyn improved his libido. He explains that his wife is happy to see the benefits this has brought. For him, the benefit of having better erections allows him to have longer sex.

Another user says he bought Virilyn to improve his sex life. According to him, after 15 days of treatment, he started to feel the difference. His opinion is positive about Virilyn, it would also have improved his libido.

Finally, according to another person who testified, Virilyn would give firm erections and the motivation to keep going. According to him, the results are “impeccable”. His review of Virilyn is very positive. He also did not experience any side effects.

Virilyn Side Effects and Recommendations:

Virilyn would not present any side effects or contraindications. If you want to get this supplement, it is available without a prescription.

Be aware, however, that it is always recommended to seek the advice of a doctor when taking self-medication. You should also pay attention to the composition of this product to know if you are not allergic. It can also be contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and for minors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virilyn:

Virilyn is a product with a healthy composition which, according to testimonials, shows good results, and we list its strengths and weaknesses here:


  1. Its natural and balanced composition
  2. He acts gently
  3. It would improve your performance in bed
  4. Possible action on premature ejaculation problems


  1. Only available online
  2. Requires a little patience to see the first results
  3. Slightly high price

Virilyn in pharmacies, is it Possible?

While Virilyn can be purchased without a prescription, it is not distributed in pharmacies for several reasons:

  • This allows the manufacturer to control prices, cutting margins
  • Regular discounts can be made via the online platform

You should know that for many men, talking about their erectile dysfunction is not easy and that asking for a sexual stimulant in a pharmacy can be uncomfortable.

Where to Buy Virilyn?

As mentioned above, only the official website of the manufacturer of Virilyn is authorized to sell the stimulant. In addition to being sure and certain that you will receive the real product – and not one of the many counterfeits that abound on the internet – you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Fast and discreet delivery. And completely free
  • An invoice or the product name does not appear
  • 100 day money back guarantee

At the moment, a promo code allows you to benefit from a 20% reduction on your order, via the site.

Virilyn male enhancement

Virilyn Final Review:

Virilyn is a supplement that, thanks to its composition, seems interesting. As you can see the ingredients are natural and each one meets a specific need in terms of erectile dysfunction.

Virilyn is also an easy to consume daily supplement that will work smoothly over the long term. The effects are twofold: improved erection functioning and increased pleasure during intercourse.

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