Total Enhance Rx – I Took This Male Enhancement Pill [ Review 2020]

Total Enhance Rx Review:

Total Enhance Rx review

The Total Enhance Rx manufacturer promises true wonders after using the capsules. This should not only increase sexual desire, but also the male erection. Even premature ejaculation is said to be prevented by the intake. These are all problems that are affecting more and more German men.

Those who can no longer stand in bed in bed often feel inferior and are plagued by complexes. In the interest of our readers, we have dealt intensively with the erectile enhancer.

What is Total Enhance Rx?

The name Total Enhance Rx hides a sexual enhancer that is offered in capsule form by the manufacturer. The purely natural ingredients are said to increase libido and erection. The users are promised an optimized sex life. Even this sensitivity allegedly improves with this remedy.

The manufacturer also promises that taking Total Enhance Rx will also increase spermatogenesis. Affected men who suffer from erection or potency problems should finally feel fun and lust for sex again by taking the capsules.

ATTENTIONTotal Enhance Rx advertises with fake Doctor

During our research on the product, we also visited the Total Enhance Rx sales page. In the lower area you can find the expert opinion of an alleged medical doctor named Dr. Wolfgang. He is said to have been a sexologist for 18 years. The photo of the allegedly Dr. Wolfang shows, seemed very familiar to us.

And indeed, we already found this photo on our sales page during our research on the Erogan product, which also proved ineffective in our test. Only a different name was chosen for the doctor. On the Erogan product page, the doctor is called Dr. Tomas. We also found that the sales pages of the two products are almost identical. For this reason, we assume that Total Enhance Rx and Erogan are the same manufacturer.

The man who can be seen in the photos on the two sales pages is actually Prof. Dr. Wolf F. Wieland and has worked as a urologist at the Josefskrankenhaus in Regensburg for many years. The photo, which can be seen, comes from the dpa archive and was already used in an article in the newspaper “Mittelbayrische” on September 4th, 2013. The manufacturer of the two erectile dysfunction has therefore misused this photo.

In addition, when reading the alleged expert opinion, we also noticed that the sentences make no sense and cannot come from a medical professional. So this is nothing more than a fake from the Total Enhance Rx manufacturer.

There is an Effective Alternative:

The very fact that the Total Enhance Rx sales side is very similar to that of another ineffective erectile enhancer, which we have already tested and evaluated, makes us strongly doubt the effectiveness of the capsules. Also, a reputable and trustworthy provider who cares about the wellbeing of its customers would never publish and advertise fake expert opinions.

For this reason, we decided to compare the Total Enhance Rx capsules with an alternative product. This product is not only characterized by an effective effect, but no side effects are expected when ingested.

Total Enhance Rx review

Experience and Test reports also fake?

However, our research on the sales side of the sexual enhancer was not yet complete. We also took a closer look at the Total Enhance Rx testimonials published by the manufacturer. Men, as well as women, describe their positive experiences with the capsules here.

We found that some of the reviews can also be found on other sales sites such as Erogan and Artrovex. Only the names of the people and the product name were changed or adapted. In addition, when reading the customer reviews, we were able to determine that some sentences made no sense at all. It seems as if the Total Enhance Rx manufacturer simply translated texts from another language into German.

Accordingly, the experience and test reports on the sales side of the preparation do not correspond to the truth, but are only a fake.

Total Enhance Rx Experiences and Opinions:

We were interested in whether real customers could already have Total Enhance Rx experience. So we looked around in various forums, on social media platforms and other websites. We didn’t have to look far either, so we picked out three testimonials from customers who have already taken the capsules.

The first customer writes extremely critically about his experience with ordering Total Enhance Rx. The employee was called back promptly, but the order could not be completed due to communication problems. Everything seemed very dubious for this customer.

The second customer was able to place his order, but to date he has found no effect after taking the capsules. This customer clearly speaks of fraud at the expense of men.

The third field report is also not particularly positive. The customer had put all his hope in the Total Enhance Rx capsules and was bitterly disappointed in the end. Because even with this gentleman there was no effect.

Total Enhance Rx Dosage:

According to the manufacturer, Total Enhance Rx should be taken in the morning and in the evening. Two capsules should be swallowed whole and swallowed with sufficient liquid. By taking it twice, the manufacturer guarantees a strong erection and an “unforgettable” orgasm.

The ingredients should lead to a rapid improvement in potency. In the case of erectile dysfunction, however, Total Enhance Rx must be used over a period of 14 days. Only after this time would the condition improve.

Total Enhance Rx Ingredients:

The manufacturer advertises with the statement that the ingredients of the capsules are purely natural and vegetable. Accordingly, the preparation is also well tolerated. The manufacturer specifies the following Total Enhance Rx ingredients:

  1. Evrikomy root
  2. Mussels
  3. Esparsette Siberian
  4. Zhgun root
  5. Red root
  6. Ginger root
  7. Vitamin and mineral complex
  • Evrikomy Root: The Evrikomy root contained in Total Enhance Rx stimulates the production of testosterone. In addition, ejaculation can be better controlled in this way.
  • Mussels: These mussels are considered a natural aphrodisiac and provide more strength and energy.
  • Esparsette Siberian: The plant species Esparsette Siberian is used to restore sexual desire and activity, which usually does not occur due to a hormonal malfunction. This should also have an effect with Total Enhance Rx.
  • Zhgun Root: With this root, the number of sperm can be increased. The motility of the sperm is also positively influenced by the ingredients of the root.
  • Red Root: The red root is also contained in Total Enhance Rx. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a lasting effect on the central nervous system.
  • Ginger Root: With the help of ginger, the blood circulation can be improved. The blood vessels are also expanded in this way.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex: The Total Enhance Rx capsules also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, such as L-arginine, zinc, taurine and bioperine, which can all have a positive effect on male potency.

Are there Side Effects and Intolerances?

According to the manufacturer, side effects can be excluded by taking Total Enhance Rx. This is said to be due to the purely vegetable and natural ingredients. Accordingly, the capsules are well tolerated by users.

However, herbal and natural preparations can also have side effects or other negative side effects. Side effects can appear in various forms, especially in the case of allergy, intolerance or hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients.

It is not uncommon for gastrointestinal complaints or nausea to occur in this connection. You should refrain from taking the Total Enhance Rx capsules if you have a known allergy or intolerance to the ingredients. If in doubt, you should consult a doctor before taking it.

If you experience any side effects after taking the capsules, get medical help immediately and stop taking them.

Where can you buy Total Enhance Rx?

This sexual enhancer does not have a pharmaceutical central number (PZN). Accordingly, the Total Enhance Rx capsules can neither be bought in online pharmacies nor in local pharmacies. This product is also not available in drugstore stores such as dm or Rossmann. In our research, we also found no evidence that the capsules can be ordered in online shops or on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon.

You can only buy the capsules from the manufacturer and on their product page. The manufacturer justifies this with the statement that original products can only be sold on the Total Enhance Rx sales page.

Total Enhance Rx review

Is the Total Enhance Rx official website trustworthy?

During our research, we were unable to get a reliable impression of the Total Enhance Rx sales page. Some of the texts on the website do not make sense and it is therefore difficult for the reader to understand what the manufacturer actually means. In addition, the written texts contain numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

Furthermore, the ordering process on the sales side is not particularly trustworthy. To receive the capsules, the customer must enter their name and telephone number. An Total Enhance Rx employee will then be called back. This takes the customer’s order.

However, we could read in various real customer experiences that these employees only speak very poor German or English. Adequate communication therefore does not seem to be possible. The goods are shipped cash on delivery. Thus, the customer has to pay the amount to the postman without knowing what is in the package.

According to the manufacturer, the delivery time for Total Enhance Rx is 2 to 14 days. All these facts do not speak for a reputable and trustworthy provider. Especially since we have always discovered the type of order process in connection with bold rip-off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Potency and erection problems are increasing more and more these days. Above all, psychological causes are increasingly to blame for men suffering from fear of failure in bed. The resulting vicious circle can, however, be broken by the right potency remedy.

You can find out whether Total Enhance Rx is the right preparation for you using the following questions and answers. You can then make a purchase decision.

Total Enhance Rx Rating:

Erectile dysfunction is a big problem for many men. However, most of those affected shy away from seeing a doctor in this case. They are ashamed and prefer to look for a suitable erectile enhancer on the Internet. However, not all of the funds that are currently on the market really do what they promise.

It is the same with Total Enhance Rx. Affected users report on the ineffective product on the Internet. In addition, the manufacturer relies on fake expert and customer opinions. Furthermore, the unsuspecting customer is seduced into a careless purchase through a dubious ordering process.

The manufacturer behind these capsules, Bernadette Ltd., has already been noticed several times in connection with other ineffective rip-off products. Based on our research and the customer experience we have found on the Internet, we classify these capsules as ineffective and can therefore not recommend Total Enhance Rx.

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