Silgenix Reviews – Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Works?

Silgenix Reviews:

Silgenix reviews

Erectile dysfunction and impotence are common problems in men of all ages. Frustration and complex with their partners, this kind of sexual ineffectiveness can be treated very well. While pharmaceutical drugs are plentiful, they have many notable side effects.

Silgenix is a natural alternative that is advertised safe and effective for treating impotence. It is a food supplement with 100% natural ingredients of very good quality. This article is an opportunity for me to share with you my feedback on this product. Good reading.

Presentation of Silgenix

Before giving you my opinion on Silgenix, I will present the product to you in detail. You will find among other things its effects on the body as well as the ingredients that compose it.

What is Silgenix?

Silgenix is more of a dietary supplement than a drug that helps improve male sexual performance. Composed mainly of natural ingredients, it combines the many active ingredients of plants to increase the levels of ATP, ADP and nitric dioxide in the blood.

All these elements present in the blood promote oxygenation and boost the blood flow as well as the energy supply essential to provoke and maintain an erection. Its perfectly dosed blend of pure natural ingredients promises results that meet expectations.

Aside from promoting an excellent erection, Silgenix is also known to reduce stress and increase the level of concentration and overall energy. However, it is for its first virtue that the product is most famous.

Thus, Silgenix acts in several ways on the sexual performance of men, in particular by increasing the size of the penis, the duration and the force of the erection as well as the control of the ejaculation (an ejaculation which takes longer to arrive for early ejaculators). It also boosts libido by acting as an aphrodisiac.

Silgenix male enhancement

How Does it act on the Body?

Silgenix contains many beneficial effects for the body in general and for the sexuality of men in particular. In order to continue this article on my opinion on Silgenix, here are the main actions of this product on the body.

Improved Quality of Erections:

The main effect of Silgenix is to treat erectile dysfunction effectively. For this, it improves the quality of erections by making them harder and making them last longer in order to make the pleasure last.

Raising the level of nitric oxide in the blood allows the blood vessels to dilate properly, drawing as much blood as possible to the male genitalia and making it considerably larger.

  • Increased Sexual Desire

As soon as you start your treatment with Silgenix, your libido will skyrocket. Your desire for sex goes up a notch, which will allow you to get a longer, better quality erection.

In addition, you will be able to better satisfy your partner thanks to your boosted libido. Even the elderly will feel their improved sexual appetite.

  • Better Endurance

By improving your blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the blood, Silgenix allows you to increase your overall physical endurance. This will also boost your energy, allowing you to be on top of your game during all your sexual activities and daily activities.

You feel less fatigue in your daily routines and this increased energy also helps maintain a great erection for much longer.

  • Increased Testosterone Levels

Visasil naturally increases your testosterone levels. This hormone not only increases your energy, but also stimulates your libido. Unlike synthetic testosterones, this increase in a natural way is not harmful to the body.

  • Increased Concentration

The optimal supply of oxygen in the blood positively influences the brain. Silgenix helps improve your concentration, especially if you have difficulty focusing on the tasks you are doing.

What Ingredients are in this Product?

Before continuing my opinion on Silgenix, discover its main components. Silgenix is made from 100% natural ingredients which are combined to improve men’s overall physical condition as well as their sexual performance. Each compound has been carefully studied to have boosted effects with the others that make up the product. Here are the main ingredients in Silgenix:

Orange or Citrus Sinensis

This is an ingredient that works in two ways simultaneously. The first action consists of boosting the respiratory capacity of the mitochondria and the second action aims to limit, or even completely annihilate, the loss of protons at their level.

Thus, Citrus Sinensis stimulates the production of ATP by providing the energy necessary for this process. Finally, this ingredient increases the amount of oxygen supplied to the muscles, resulting in better resistance.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate extract is particularly rich in nitrates and Polyphenols. These are elements that are used to stimulate the production of nitric oxide which will help optimize blood circulation.

This ingredient also increases the amount of substrates available to the mitochondria, which greatly increases energy stores. Finally, pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant.

Ginkgo Biloba

This ingredient is one of the most popular and effective for naturally enhancing male sexual function. This plant greatly influences the production of nitric oxide as well as the dilation of blood vessels.

Ginkgo Biloba therefore increases blood circulation to the male genital organ and also increases libido. It contains a high content of Flavonoids, active ingredients which fight effectively against free radicals and which protect and strengthen blood vessels.

Tribulus Terrestris

This ingredient is particularly important in the composition of Silgenix. This plant has been used for centuries by ancient Chinese medicine to increase sexual desire. In addition, it boosts the immune system and has an antidepressant property.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is arguably one of the herbs best known to be effective in increasing libido. Used for centuries in Asia and more recently in Western countries as an aphrodisiac, ginseng is part of the composition of many natural medicines fighting against impotence. It is also known to reduce stress and boost sexual performance.

Epimedium Brevocorum

It is a plant also called Epimedium, which works effectively and quickly to improve sexual performance. This ingredient significantly boosts blood flow to the genital organ and also helps increase the production of male hormones while increasing sexual desire.


Zinc is an ingredient that comes into action during protein synthesis. It boosts the secretion of male hormones and positively influences the production of quality sperm. It also has a considerable effect on cell recovery and on improving overall physical performance.

Dosage and Side Effects of Silgenix:

Silgenix is a dietary supplement sold in pill form. The recommended consumption is 2 capsules per day for a treatment lasting about 3 months, without going beyond.

According to the manufacturers, men who are taking Silgenix treatment are advised to take a slight break every 3 weeks to prevent the body from being immune to its effects. Thus, you will always observe optimal results throughout the duration of the treatment.

Regarding side effects, Silgenix is a 100% natural food supplement. As a result, there are no notable side effects to be credited with, again according to the opinions of the manufacturers. It is moreover this asset that makes it particularly recommended by doctors.

Description of My Test

I used the product for 3 months, or 90 days as recommended by the manufacturers. I have taken care to strictly adhere to the daily dosage in order to obtain results that are as faithful as possible to the promises. My testimony is therefore spread over this entire period so that you have an overview of its effects over this period.

From what I understand from the package leaflet, Silgenix can be taken as a 3-month continuous treatment with a regular intake of 2 pills per day, or taken a few minutes before sex to quickly improve your performance and your erection.

I chose the former for my test, which I find most suitable to give you more complete feedback.

Results After 2 Weeks

As soon as they take Silgenix for the first time, many users report finding noticeable changes in their body in general and in their sexual performance.

Personally, I only felt the effects after about the fourth pill taking. I felt more vigorous and I must admit that my libido started to skyrocket without giving you any further details.

I also felt less fatigue than usual during my daily tasks after about 2 weeks of taking.

Results After 1.5 Months

After 6 weeks of treatment, and a slight break noted after 4 weeks, the quality of erections is increasingly satisfactory. I conclude that the product is working its best on my body and I feel in Olympic form.

Erections last longer as promised, as does the duration of intercourse. So far, I am totally satisfied with this miracle product.

Results After 3 Months

Once the treatment was almost over, I found that the effects of Silgenix did not improve anymore. It is as if the product reached its peak around 8 weeks of treatment and no more noticeable changes were observed.

I didn’t take a short break after the next 4 weeks. This was done on purpose to see the difference during my test. So when I stopped the treatment, I noticed that my sexual functions seemed to be out of order. It is as if my body has gotten used to using the product and no longer wants to function without it.

So I understood at that point why it was necessary to take breaks during the treatment and why it was not necessary to exceed the 3 months of continuous intake. It took about 3 weeks for my body to regain normal functioning.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Silgenix

Before concluding this article, here are the main positive and negative points noted about Silgenix.


  1. 100% natural ingredients that have been used for centuries by traditional medicine all over the world.
  2. Silgenix is made up of many ingredients which, when combined, work optimally for convincing results.
  3. It has no significant side effects or contraindications.
  4. It does not require a doctor’s prescription to be purchased.
  5. Silgenix dramatically increases the quality and duration of erections and the size of the genital organ by improving blood flow to it.
  6. It increases libido and physical performance.
  7. The manufacturers offer a 60-day warranty after purchase as well as free shipping anywhere.


The price of this product is relatively high, which is not necessarily affordable for all budgets.

It is only available from the manufacturer’s official website, greatly limiting its accessibility.

Timothy’s Take on Silgenix

An Effective Natural Product

Drugs to treat impotence and sexual dysfunction are very numerous on the market. However, we must admit that Silgenix is one of the few that are made from 100% natural ingredients and cause very few, if any, noticeable side effects.

This product helps to optimize men’s sexual performance and also their overall physical strength. This food supplement is very complete and particularly effective.

Many patients report having obtained the first results a few minutes after the first intake. It is therefore a product that is not only effective, but also quick to act.

An Experience that Paid off

Personally, my experience with Silgenix has been instructive. You are not dealing with a commercial product that only entices you with false advertising and the effects are very tangible.

Just be sure to respect the prescribed dose and the recommended duration so as not to get your body used to the product.

Another benefit that I particularly liked about Silgenix is that the manufacturers offer a 60-day “money-back” guarantee. It shows the confidence they have in their product and the obvious effectiveness it offers to customers. With such an offer, you can be sure of its reliability and the seriousness of the brand.

One downside

The only downside about this product is that it can only be accessed through the manufacturer’s official website. Other competing products, on the other hand, are much more visible, and this could be detrimental to it. However, this initiative makes sense to avoid facing counterfeits and to ensure the safety of customers. It is therefore a lesser evil which does not alter my opinion of this dietary supplement at the same time.

A Generally Positive Opinion

All in all, Silgenix is an excellent, proven product that is generally harmless to the body. My review is very positive about this product and I would recommend it if you are having sexual trouble or want to wow your partner in bed.


Silgenix is a very well thought out product which has the advantage of being 100% natural. Its ingredients are a perfect combination of effective active ingredients which really work on the sexual functions and general physical condition of men. The opinions and testimonials of many users are mostly positive. With better visibility in the market, Silgenix could very quickly become the benchmark in the treatment of impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Silgenix reviews

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