How to keep the V Tight?

Alright ladies so the first thing that I wanted to share with you guys or the first tip that I wanted to share with you guys is Aloe Vera gel. and you want to make sure that you’re getting your gel from the actual Aloe Vera plant you don’t want to use anything from the stores that contain any type of additives or preservatives or that’s from concentrate you want to get the Aloe Vera plant and you want to remove the gel from the inside and use that gel in your vaginal region to tighten the vaginal walls and you just want to massage it around the vagina area or you can also insert it in your vagina and the reason I’m hesitant is in saying that is because the Aloe Vera plant is alkaline in your vagina is acidic so you want to make sure and I need to say be let me make sure I’m saying v instead of vagina.

So you can use the Aloe Vera plant the gel inside the plant and use that a massage around your V and you can also insert it using your finger you can insert it into your V but if you are very sensitive down there be very careful in doing that because your V is acidic it is naturally acidic and the Aloe Vera gel is alkaline and semen is also alkaline which is why often times women may have intercourse and they end up with an infection because their natural pH balance of their V has been thrown off because it is alkaline.

So if you are going to insert it you do want to follow up with apple cider vinegar which also has tightening properties and because apple cider vinegar restores your pH so I’m going to get into apple cider vinegar next because that’s also another product that helps with tightening your V so how more about that next alright ladies so the way that apple cider vinegar helps to keep your V tight is not in the way that you would think it does like it’s not an astringent that is going to cause your vagina to you to get tight what it does instead is it helps to cleanse the body or cleanse your cervix of any type of minstrel residue bacterial infections or any type of impurities that may cause the weakening of your cervical walls.

So by using the apple cider vinegar it helps to restore the elasticity and the strength of your cervical walls not to mention it helps to restore your pH level which is what I was referring to in conjunction with the Aloe Vera gel because the Aloe Vera Gel is alkaline and the apple cider vinegar is acidic now I know there’s going to be some confusion on this because a lot of people as well as myself my son my mom we drink apple cider vinegar because it’s alkalizing to the body but that’s once it is ingested in it goes through the digestion process but if you’re just going to use it just like on the skin or if you check the pH level on it of it by itself its acidic until it is digested and goes through the digestive system so adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to your bath water will help in tightening the cervical wall and keeping the v tight.

All Right girls so next I’m going to tell you all about yoni eggs and vaginal weights to help exercise your Kegel muscles and these are some yoni eggs that I love and these are rose quartz yoni eggs I think they’re just so beautiful and I like that it is rose quartz because rose quartz is symbolizes love if you’re into healing crystals you know all about that and basically what you do these are weighted balls and/or weighted eggs and what you want to do is insert these inside your v and you want to start with the smallest ones first because they wait the least and you just we want to start by lying down on the floor inserting it and squeezing on it with your Kegel muscles and that’s in the muscles the same muscles that you use to hold your pee if you have to go pee and you just want to clench down on it you want to do that for about five seconds and then work your way up to ten seconds and then also work your way up on the waves so on the eggs.

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