Blualix Reviews – We Tested Blualix for 4 weeks (Update 2020)

Blualix Reviews:

Blualix Reviews

We found Blualix by chance during our research on the Internet. And this preparation made us curious. Because the capsules should not only improve the potency of the user, but also promote penis growth in a completely natural way. If the manufacturer’s statements are correct, users can not only improve their manhood psychologically, but also physically by taking the preparation.

Accordingly, we did a little research on this unique preparation and subjected the capsules to a test. You can read about what we found out in the following article on Blualix.

What is Blualix?

We have seen many sexual enhancers that are available over the counter on the market in recent years. But none made us as curious as Blualix. The preparation in capsule form is based 100 percent on a natural combination of active ingredients, which is not only intended to improve the potency of the user. The active ingredients contained improve the blood circulation. As a result, the penis is supplied with sufficient blood, which results in harder and long-lasting erections.

At the same time, regular Blualix Male Enhancement intake should also make it possible to influence penis growth. According to this, an extension and a thickening of the male member by up to 9 cm is possible. The capsules should be characterized by a quick effect, so that users can notice the first results just a few days after ingestion.

Are there any Real Blualix Experiences and Reviews?

Even before we subjected the capsules to a detailed test, we searched the Internet for Blualix experiences. Because we wanted to know how other users tolerated the preparation, but above all what results could be achieved by taking it.

One user reported on his experiences with the preparation in a forum with complete euphoria. After just a short time, the man couldn’t believe his eyes: his penis had actually grown by a few centimeters.

A user who has suffered from potency problems for many years also has positive comments about the capsules. Already after the first ingestion he could notice a significant improvement in terms of his erections. And his best piece had also grown slightly.

By taking Blualix Male Enhancement, another customer was not only able to fix his erection problems, but also optimize his love life. Because even his partner noticed that his penis had changed in length and girth.


We Tested Blualix for 4 weeks:

The positive testimonials from other users on the Internet made us even more curious. Accordingly, it was out of the question for us to check the effectiveness of the capsules in a Blualix test. With the help of a volunteer test person, we wanted to check whether the preparation is really as effective as it is described by the users and the manufacturer himself.

Our test subject was Jochen, 47 years old. Unfortunately, erection problems are not uncommon for Jochen. Rather, they have been determining his love life for some time. And when it comes to penis size, Jochen was never entirely satisfied. We were therefore excited to see what results can be achieved by taking the capsules.

  1. Week 1: In order to make our Blualix test as authentic as possible, we asked our test subjects to take the capsules at home according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and to give us a short interim report at regular intervals. We have summarized these for you below.
  2. Week 2: Our test subject had been taking two Blualix capsules for exactly two weeks before the planned sexual intercourse. In the first interim report, Jochen described that the intake was completely without problems and side effects. After just a few days, he was able to notice an improvement in his erections. While it was previously almost impossible to get an erection, this had changed significantly. In addition, his penis had increased by 1.5 cm in both length and girth.
  3. Week 3: Another week later, the capsules had an even better effect on erections. Because Jochen was now even able to maintain the erections for a longer period of time. And something had happened again in terms of penis growth: The penis had grown again by almost an inch.
  4. Week 4: After four weeks of taking the end of our test on Blualix. Within the last few days, our test subject was able to significantly improve his erections by taking. Not only did he get erections more easily, but he was also able to hold them until the end of the lovemaking. His penis had lengthened nearly four inches in the past four weeks.

Blualix Male Enhancement Effect:

Unlike other over-the-counter sexual enhancers, these capsules not only impress with their effective effect on potency and erections. Because penis growth should also benefit from the Blualix Male Enhancement Effect. When taken regularly, the high-quality and natural substances it contains ensure better blood circulation.

In this way, not only potency and erection problems can be treated. This way, penis growth can also be positively influenced in a natural way. The users get a double-acting means to improve their own masculinity.

Blualix Used for?

A penis that is too small in combination with erection or potency problems can drastically affect men’s self-esteem. By taking Blualix, the problems should soon be a thing of the past for users. With its preparation, the manufacturer primarily addresses men who want to improve their own masculinity in two ways.

Blualix Male Enhancement Intake and Dosage:

The correct Blualix intake is crucial for an optimal effect. Accordingly, two capsules should be taken with sufficient liquid about an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. According to the manufacturer, more is not necessary to positively influence potency and penis growth. Due to the natural combination of active ingredients, the preparation is also intended for long-term use.

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

While numerous over-the-counter potency pills have been evaluated in the past by the Stiftung Warentest, among others, our research did not find any indication that Blualix was also subjected to such a test. However, this can be for various reasons. The manufacturer had his preparation tested and checked by an independent party before it was launched.

Blualix Ingredients:

We were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the capsules in our self-test. But which Blualix ingredients are responsible for this mode of action? We found the answer to this question on the manufacturer’s sales page. The active ingredient combination of the preparation consists of the following substances:

  • L-arginine
  • L-citrulline
  • Maca powder
  • Grape seed extract
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Extract from the fruits of the saw palmetto
  1. L-arginine: the amino acid naturally improves potency. Even serious erection problems can be remedied this way.
  2. L-citrulline: This is also a potency-promoting amino acid, which above all has a positive effect on blood circulation.
  3. Maca powder: Maca is characterized by its potency-increasing and aphrodisiac properties. This active ingredient can also naturally eliminate erectile dysfunction.
  4. Grape seed extract: The vascular protecting sexual enhancer not only improves erections, but also promotes the uptake of nitrogen into the bloodstream. This active ingredient can protect the vascular and heart health, among other things.
  5. Fenugreek extract: Gives the user more strength and vitality. As a result, the testosterone level can also be stabilized or supported. In general, the hormonal balance is also supported.
  6. Extract from the fruits of the saw palmetto: This active ingredient increases potency while at the same time promoting the formation of testosterone.

Other ingredients that are said to have a positive effect on penis growth are:

  • Tribulus Terrestris extract
  • Extract from the Chinese berry grape
  • Korean ginseng
  • Saffron
  • Black pepper


Are there any Side Effects?

Many users of over the counter sexual enhancers are concerned with the question of possible undesirable accompanying symptoms. If you are not allergic to any of the listed active ingredients, no Blualix side effects are to be expected. The purely natural combination of active ingredients in the capsules ensures that users can tolerate them very well. If there is a possible allergy or hypersensitivity to an ingredient, you should speak to a doctor in advance.

Where to Buy Blualix?

Since we found the capsules on the Internet, you can only order them there. The easiest way to do this is via the manufacturer’s sales page. Alternatively, we can recommend the Official Website shop if you want to buy Blualix. During our research, we were also able to find the preparation occasionally on trading platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

However, counterfeit products are often sold on these platforms. In the pharmacy or drugstore, however, you will unfortunately not be able to find the preparation.

Blualix Reviews

Blualix Overall Rating:

A coincidence led us to Blualix. The effective preparation convinced us not only with the improved potency that our tester was able to achieve by taking it. Our test subject’s penis had also changed significantly in size and girth as a result of the preparation and the substances it contained. However, our results from the self-test were no accident. Because numerous users report on the Internet about the great results that could be achieved through regular use.

The preparation is also characterized by good tolerability and easy and discreet application. The capsules can improve masculinity in many ways, so that users can enjoy a carefree sex life again thanks to Blualix Male Enhancement.

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